La Reina Del Barrio Inc. (LRDB) is an independent media production company. The production entity has spent the last decade releasing high quality entertainment through various mediums. The La Reina Del Barrio entity has released several projects through self finance as well as the use of Fortune 500 company corporate sponsors

Mission Statement:

Connecting all communities (barrios) by providing a space of hope and possibility through the arts and media

It is the mission of LRDB to:

  • Be a prominent business providing a full range of entertainment and media services to artists in the metropolitan areas of our global barrios.
  • Be a prominent production company in all barrios
  • Be a socially prominent production company that advocates for Domestic Violence Awareness and Performing Arts originating in all barrios



La Reina Del Barrio Inc. P.O. Box 398, NY, NY 10029-0398