FINANCIAL BUZZ | The Dollar – Part VI

  The Dollar – Part VI By Barrio Bee   In 2001, Venezuela tried to switch to Euro for all oil sales. Within a year, there was a coup attempt. Despite the fact that the leadership was democratically elected. The U.S. was sympathetic to those who plotted against that leadership And was embarrassed by the […]

FINANCIAL BUZZ | The Dollar – Part V

        The Dollar – Part V By Barrio Bee   In November 2000, Saddam demanded Euros for Iraq’s oil. This arrogance was a direct threat to the dollar; Even though Iraq’s military might was not considered a threat. Still…  a major initiative of the new administration in 2001, Was to get rid […]

FINANCIAL BUZZ | The Dollar – Part II

    The Dollar – Part II By Barrio Bee     During the late 19th century thru the early 20th century, The U.S. grew in economic and military power; Investments in foreign countries grew; European control was not tolerated. President Taft designed a policy– To protect U.S. commercial interests from the Europeans; It was claimed an […]

FINANCIAL BUZZ | Shut-Down or Shake-Up

Shut-Down or Shake-Up by Raine! Bee   At a time when the United States, one of the richest countries in the world, came close to not being able to pay its debts, it brings to wonder how the average American can pay his share of debts in this troubling economy.  With the lure of “easy […]


Barrio Baby Bucks! By Barrio Bee So you are having a baby!  Oh what great feelings and experiences await you…   Except for one!  The costs associated with the barrio that you choose to raise that baby.  The first year alone can cost $36,700 if you choose to live in the barrio of New York City according to a ranking […]


                FINANCIAL BUZZ | FINANCIAL FIREWORKS By: BarrioBee We just celebrated our nation’s independence. Have you thought about celebrating your financial independence?  Fortunately, when it comes to your own financial independence, it’s up to you to achieve it. I can remember watching my mother struggle to make ends […]