PRIDA ARTIST OF THE MONTH | Marta Medina-Feliciano

Marta was first one to go to art school. She holds a Masters in Fine Arts and Bachelors in Art from Lehman College with a concentration in painting, and minors in computer graphics, education and photography. She currently works as an Art Teacher for the New York Department of Education.

HOLA – ACTOR SPOT LIGHT | Vivienne Jurado

      Vivienne Jurado is an actress born in the Bronx, N.Y., the third of five children. She and her parents moved to Puerto Rico when she was 12 years old, where they would live for the next 10 years. While living in Puerto Rico, Vivienne pursued her passion for modeling and acting and […]


As an artist, Elsie finds inspiration in flowers as well as the streets of New York, with their mix of people and architecture. The use of color in her work is directly related to the mood of the day when she starts the project or artwork. She begins organically, without a specific design, and experiments with paint, metals and anything that makes her say: “Ah, this looks great when added to this.’

PRIDA | Visual Artist of The Month |Luis Cordero Santoni

Luis Cordero Santoni Luis Cordero Santoni is a graphic artist born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, and raised in El Barrio (New York City’s Spanish Harlem). As an artist, Luis is very interested in exploring themes related to Puerto Rican history and culture, especially Native American Taino culture. He recently created a portfolio of images derived from […]

PRIDA | Visual Artist of The Month | Astramaria Rodriguez Irizarry

Astramaria Rodriguez Irizarry Astramaria Rodriguez Irizarry attended Dr. Luchetti Art School in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she received her first formal training as a realist painter. She won first prize at one of their art competitions, and was commissioned to create hand-painted t-shirts for Greenpeace. Astramaria also assisted renowned Puerto Rican painters Juan Balossi […]

PRIDA | Visual Artist of The Month | Rosa Ibarra

Rosa Ibarra Rosa Ibarra, a talented Puerto Rican artist who studied art at the University of Massachusetts. Rosa Ibarra’s work focuses mainly on women and children. Inspired by the subtle beauty of a soft facial expression, the radiation of strength, or a quiet moment of contemplation Ibarra conveys the humanness of the figure. The artist paints […]