LEGAL BUZZ | Everything Old is Remade Again

  Legal Buzz Everything Old is Remade Again By Andrew Herz Everything old is not really “new again.” It’s just re-made. Hollywood trots out a never ending parade of films based on popular television shows, books, stage plays and musicals – and plays that were originally based on movies. And Broadway musicals return the favor, consistently recycling popular films. Comic book superheroes famous and marginal are endlessly repackaged as films if not franchises … It seems at times that any form of popular entertainment with a proven prior audience has been or is about to remade. The development, production and […]

PRIDA | Visual Artist of The Month | Rosa Ibarra

Rosa Ibarra Rosa Ibarra, a talented Puerto Rican artist who studied art at the University of Massachusetts. Rosa Ibarra’s work focuses mainly on women and children. Inspired by the subtle beauty of a soft facial expression, the radiation of strength, or a quiet moment of contemplation Ibarra conveys the humanness of the figure. The artist paints in oil and uses different layers to emphasize the vibration of light creating complex, multi-dimensional texture. In her mixed media pieces the artist uses materials that move her such as sea glass from the beaches of old San Juan , gold and silver leaf, or […]

HOLA | ACTOR SPOT LIGHT | Yvette Quintero

Yvette Quintero Yvette Quintero is an actress-singer who hails from New York. Theater credits include Las cenizas de Troya, Charlotte’s Song, Bodas de sangre, My Night With Frida, La esposa y el maniquí, The Boxer’s Son, The Ides of March and For Colored Girls…. Film credits include Conciliation, El puente del destino, Una calle sin salida, Suspect List and Adrift in Manhattan. The film Heysoos (written and directed by Rob Santana), in which she stars, will be screened in November at the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival in New York City. In addition, she will play the title role […]

KIDZ ART STOP | Jean-Michael Basquiat Inspired Project

Welcome to the Kidz Art Stop a place that will inspire visual communication and development with a playful fun factor for the child and adult. This monthly article will include fun activities for the home, classroom, park, play ground or family vacation. Our focus at Kidz Art Stop is literacy and the arts, stimulating the child’s thinking while they explore and learn creatively. Art is a process, not a product so it’s the process that brings great rewards!! Join your child for creative play time and witness art in process!! Creating art expands the child’s ability to interact with the […]

CONSUMER BUZZ | Senior Survival

Senior Survival By Raine Bee I was amazed the other day when I heard about yet another misleading practice designed to take advantage of senior citizens.  We’ve heard about payday lending, where you typically go to a check casher or other alternative financial service provider for a short-term loan. The payday lender agrees to loan you the money and you agree to pay it back by your next paycheck, plus interest and fees.  By the time your next paycheck rolls around, you’re unable to pay back the loan due to the exorbitant interest and fees added on.  So, the cycle […]