COLORS OF RHINA PROMO on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Click image above to view video We debuted last Thursday Jan. 26th Bi-weekly Thursdays at 9 pm on both MNN1 and MNN5 HD  Next air-date Thursday, February 9th, 2017 9:00 PM  MNN1 FiOS 33 – RNC 82 TWC/Spectrum 34 & 1995 MNN 5 HD TWC/Spectrum 1993 MNN EL BARRIO FIREHOUSE COMMUNITY MEDIA CENTER 175 EAST 104TH STREET NY, NY 10029 MNN is responsible for administering public access cable TV services in Manhattan. Their purpose is to ensure the ability of Manhattan residents to exercise their First Amendment rights through moving image media to […]


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TRANSFORMATIONAL VIBES | Reflections on Transformation

I Am a Domestic Violence Survivor. Rhina’s Evolution Revolution… Reflections on Transformation It is said we are the sum of our choices. I am a Domestic Violence Survivor. I did not choose to be a victim but by default of the experience I survived. My message is not targeted solely towards those who are currently in the midst of a domestic violence situation, nor is it aimed at those who have survived. Domestic violence affects everyone. When it comes to domestic violence, sadly many are misinformed. Sure, many are aware of the overt forms of abuse such as the physical […]

RESILIENT VIBES | The Roller-coaster of My Healthy Lifestyle

  The Rollercoaster of My Healthy Lifestyle by: Rhina V       I declared ‘Rhina Gets Lean” in 2011. Here we are, February of 2014 and I am half way towards my goal. My goal being; to design a permanent healthy lifestyle, which means altering my thought patterns into making different choices. Which is; choice of food, choice of snack, as well as proportion of each choice… Lots of choices! But it is this one awareness, that truly helps create the transformation, and that is.. Diet!  Most people diet, thinking it means to lose weight, but really diet is […]