PRIDA | Visual Artist of The Month | Astramaria Rodriguez Irizarry

Astramaria Rodriguez Irizarry Astramaria Rodriguez Irizarry attended Dr. Luchetti Art School in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she received her first formal training as a realist painter. She won first prize at one of their art competitions, and was commissioned to create hand-painted t-shirts for Greenpeace. Astramaria also assisted renowned Puerto Rican painters Juan Balossi and José Álbvarez O’Neal in the rendition of 25′ x 65 murals for the celebration of the Panamerican Games. In New York City, Astramaria has coordinated art exhibitions for the Day Care Council of New York and was an intern at Aurora Communications. Her photography […]

PRIDA | Visual Artist of The Month | Rosa Ibarra

Rosa Ibarra Rosa Ibarra, a talented Puerto Rican artist who studied art at the University of Massachusetts. Rosa Ibarra’s work focuses mainly on women and children. Inspired by the subtle beauty of a soft facial expression, the radiation of strength, or a quiet moment of contemplation Ibarra conveys the humanness of the figure. The artist paints in oil and uses different layers to emphasize the vibration of light creating complex, multi-dimensional texture. In her mixed media pieces the artist uses materials that move her such as sea glass from the beaches of old San Juan , gold and silver leaf, or […]

PRIDA | Visual Artist of The Month | Olga Ayala Handcrafts

Olga Ayala Handcrafts (Hecho A Mano) Polymer Clay Art SCULPTURES – Includes centerpieces, original designs, conceptual, abstract and varying in form. WEARABLE ART – Includes jewelry, crocheted items, handbags. ART TOYS – Includes dolls, finger puppets, cut-outs, etc. PORTRAITS – Includes caricatures, cake toppers, sculptures based on client physical likeness. FUNCTIONAL ART – Includes vases, magnets, boxes, mirror frames, vessels.   OLGA AYALA Olga Ayala is a visual artist and fine crafts artisan born and raised in the heart of Spanish Harlem to Puerto Rican parents. She was bit by the art bug as a young girl after seeing her mother draw a very good […]