LRDB | Performing Artist of the Month

LRDB | Performing Artist of the Month


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Ruby Rubero

Ruby is definitely not your typical singer. There is something really special about her attitude and her ways, something that goes all the way back to the beginning of her ongoing love affair with music.
Although she was born in the Bronx borough (For those who do not know, New York City), she grew up far away from the dangerous environment of that place at the time. Her mother, worried about heavy gang activity and increasing violent crime rates, decided to send Ruby to her grandparents in Carolina, PR.



This is where Ruby first got involved into the art of music, quickly learning to speak spanish, singing along to ballads and old tunes, perfecting her skills not only in a new language, but also highly refining her singing technique, before eventually moving back to the big city with her mom during her pre-teen years.It is there in the big city that Ruby finally got her very first taste of a musical environment, joining a youth chorus group sponsored by the New York City Housing Authority.


That turned out to be an incredibly smart move for the budding singer, because it is within that early, fundamental experience that she started to shaper up her career, not only as a well rounded song-writer, but as a fully-formed and exciting entertainer. Other artists she connected with, such as successful musicians Lil Eddie Serrano (Sony ATV) and Claude Kelly are also responsible for a big contribution to Ruby’s newly found musical identity.


Ruby is the quintessential New York RnB musician, and despite being a a relatively new face to this music scene, she is obviously not lacking any element that makes the difference between a musician and a star. Her tunes, including upcoming new hit single “Runway” are haunting, melodic and catchy songs that demonstrate an edgy,  personal take on the genre, which, among other things, relies on Ruby’s eclectic background and musical journey.

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