RESILIENT VIBES | The Roller-coaster of My Healthy Lifestyle



The Rollercoaster of My Healthy Lifestyle

by: Rhina V




I declared ‘Rhina Gets Lean” in 2011. Here we are, February of 2014 and I am half way towards my goal. My goal being; to design a permanent healthy lifestyle, which means altering my thought patterns into making different choices. Which is; choice of food, choice of snack, as well as proportion of each choice… Lots of choices! But it is this one awareness, that truly helps create the transformation, and that is.. Diet!  Most people diet, thinking it means to lose weight, but really diet is what you use to fuel yourself, and how you choose to do it.

I have made some drastic shifts in my diet, in which I am proud to share… It has taken something to shift from eating chips to snacking on an apple. As, well as living primarily off of fresh vegetables. Smoothies for breakfast. Beans for protein. Less poultry. Lots of variations of greens and soups. Learning most of the nutrients we need, comes from Mother Earth! All that processed food affects our digestive system as well as our moods. Another part of my transitioning, was going from being a night owl to needing just as much rest, as my daughter. And, I can finally say: I have shifted, not only my eating habits, also my rest time, not only to keep up with my todddler, but to meet my hectic schedule and daily tasks w/ energy. So, I decided to incorporate 45min to 1hr of physical activity to honor my (Temple) body’s development.

‘Working out” to me, is now a direct communication of understanding my bodies needs.

It needs this attention! What you put into it is what you get out of it.  The challenge is making a permanent shift happen. So, without beating myself up, which took sometime to move forward from, I have decided to delve into the inconsistencies that have made my journey a roller coaster ride.  which have been; going back and forth, from new habits to old habits, moderation, elimination and supplementation. Easily listed; Challenging to honor! I, honestly think I have now formulated a way for this to be fun and/or delicious while getting the results i’ve been looking for.

It is Now, I can say these established conversations have become second nature, like breathing or brushing your teeth. My true objective has always been to get lean and not thin, which is why I chose the term “Rhina Gets Lean” as the title of my web series . And, this year the results will be dramatic. Seasons 1 & 2 of RGL have all led up to this point of my journey to healthy living. I, now know through process of elimination what doesn’t work, and what I need more of… all culminating in my decision to run in This years TCS NYC marathon 2014!.. giving birth to the name of my final season  “Rhina Gets Lean – The Final Frontier”… Running!  It’s all or nothing baby!