WIZDOM BUZZ | Supporting Our LGBT Adolescents



Supporting Our LGBT Adolescents

By Wanda Bee




“Coming out” can be scary and painful, and parents need to reassure

their children that they will not be loved any less for sharing the truth

about themselves. If your teen tells you he is lesbian, gay, bi-sexual,

transgender (et al) let them know that you love them unconditionally, and

accept them no matter what.


Show your teen that you care by learning more about sexual identity.

Read books on the subject or check out reputable Web sites (such as

www.pflag.org). Talk to some adults you know who are part and parcel

of the LGBTI community. Look for organizations or support groups in

your community that can give you information on all issues concerning

the LGBTI youths. It will be easier for you to support your teen when you

know more and are comfortable with the subject.


Parents may worry about how friends, neighbors and family will react to

their teen’s sexual identity. It is usually best not to share any information

without your teen-ager’s permission. Unfortunately, prejudice against the

LGBT teen is widespread, mostly due to ignorance and fear. When your

teen is ready for you to let others know, you should talk with them about

your teen’s sexual orientation and help them to understand, by using

what you have learned. (P-Flag Organization & Aetna InteliHeath).


Knowledge and sensitivity to the LGBT adolescents’ journey in a world

that is often plagued with fear, hate and bigotry will hopefully decrease

the bias crimes that are far too rampant committed against these precious

human being.