María Cotto was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her mother and dad are both from Santurce (just outside San Juan) where she spent his first eight years, so she considers that her hometown. She entered the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), where she completed a Bachelor of Education in Theatre. There she was trained by great masters such as Teófilo Torres, Victoria Espinosa, Dean Zayas and Cuca Mercado. She was also choreographed by dancer and teacher Petra Bravo and even belonged, for a short period, to the dance troupe Hincapié at the UPR. A few years later, she decided to continue her career in the city of New York and that same year, she married her husband Gadri Traore. She presented her solo show El billetero, presented at as part of La Marqueta Retoña in July of 2014 at La Marqueta in Manhattan’s El Barrio neighborhood, her comeback to theater since she left the Island in 2011. At the same time, the doors opened for her in the NY Latino Theater scene with the Lorca al Desnudo II festival in October of 2014 with a role as La Mujer in the play Federico García Lorca vuelve a nacer. For that role, she has been nominated for an ATI (Independent Theater Artists) Award.

She has performed in Spain, Cuba and Dominican Republic. During the month of April 2015 she will take El billetero to Matanzas, Cuba, where it will be part of the V Festival Monologues in the Dominican Republic. In addition, she will soon act in the Pablo Cabrera play ¡Por mi madre que es verdad!, directed by J. Edgar Mozoub and scheduled for an early April run at the Broadway Blackbox Theater in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood; and in Pepper Negrón’s upcoming movie Buried Dreams. This year promises to be very significant in the career of the young Puerto Rican actress.