LRDB BOOK OF THE MONTH | Guru Enlightment’s Guide to Finding Your Own Answers in the Unknown

GURUGURU3Guru Enlightment is a spiritual teacher guided by the spirits. She knew at an early age she was different and had a gift, but wasn’t ready to accept the full responsibility. She eventually decided to listen to her guides and follow her true path and journey of becoming a spiritual counselor for she had earned it.

Some people might refer to Guru Enlightment as an Oracle. Guru Enlightment is able to see your past, present, future (depending where you are at the moment), talk with the dead, your spirits, and more at no charge. Yes…no charge. The Higher Power does not charge because money is of the world and has no value in the spiritual world.
She teachers her students to find the answers they seek within themselves, for this world is full of mystery, beauty, control, and rules which might lead to confusion and negativity. Her job is to help her students become free and independant. She helps her students see the light at the end of the tunnel by guiding them and helping them help themselves to find their path. their true life’s journey, and happiness.
Guru Enlightment ends her lessons always by saying, “Don’t believe in what I say, believe in what you see for I give you nothing because everything is already inside of you all I do is help you bring out the inner you from all the layers that you carry. For every question there is always an answer no matter how tragic.”
“I’m here to fulfill my journey which is to help those that need guidance within their lives and show them their true path. I help them deal with this negative world and with their relationships in every aspect of life so that they can find peace, comfort, love, laughter, and joy. We all came into this earth with so many gifts and the first ones that were given to us was compassion, understanding, forgiveness, kindness humbleness, love, courage, power, confidence, self-esteem, truth, helpfulness, and knowing that we matter; we have a purpose to fulfill. As these gifts were given to us so was the word choice and we all had the choice to use these gifts in a positive way but many of us use it to get over, hurt, judge, condemn, prosecute, criticize, hate, abuse, lie, and be angry. Let’s change that and become a better YOU.” Guru Enlightment

GURU2Blurbs from the book
When we enter this world we all come with gifts. The power from these gifts allow us to go forward and follow out dreams. However, it also takes strength and courage to fulfill our destiny and that is why we are here. We need to fulfill our own journeys. We need to realize that we are all powerful human beings; never give up on your dreams. We must go as far as we were meant to go. Who is to say that your dreams or mine are not important?
Doubting yourself means you doubt your purpose in this world and the reason you chose to come here. Do not close your eyes, open it wide and see what is truly there. Don’t think that having an education, a home, a family, a great job, lots of money is what it’s all about for it is not.
Look at that mirror, what do you see? Find out about yourself for that person in that mirror is your best friend and always will be. Get to know who that person is.
Alcohol and drugs can consume you. This is not the solution; it just adds to the problems and makes you more lost in this world. They cloud your spirit and create a situation where you cannot hear the voices of your angel or your spirit and lose sight of your gifts.

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