PRIDA ARTIST OF THE MONTH | Grizelle Esther Medina

Grizelle Esther Medina was born and raised in New York City. She attended the High School of Fashion Industries, where her passion for painting developed. At Hunter College she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Creative Art Therapy at Pratt Institute.
For Grizelle, art is a way of expressing her perspective on life and marking her journey. Through art, she is able to express her thoughts, emotions and dreams. When painting, the brush becomes the tool that communicates the deep meaning of her message. In turn, the paint becomes the attire to the canvas giving it its own personality. In this manner, each piece of art becomes a being, capable of creating an emotion on the observer. In her own words, “painting is a healing tool that opens the possibilities of departing from the existing world to create a new one.”

The series of work she titles Fearless focuses on self-realization, and is designed to create a space within the person. It invites the individual to take introspective looks into their soul, hence reflecting upon their journey. Grizelle wishes that her work will help people feel complete and accepted. Her message, thorugh her artwork, is for people to become fearless in moving towards reaching their dreams.

 "Self portrait" Acrylic on canvas 60"x60" 2013
“Self portrait”
Acrylic on canvas
"Love yourself" Acrylic on canvas 18"x36" 2015
“Love yourself”
Acrylic on canvas