100 Hispanic Women Present “Aplauso” on LRDB | Mirza Orriols

Mirza Orriols became the Deputy Regional Administrator in October, 2010. Mirza is responsible for overseeing nearly $6 billion in HUD programs and activities, as well as working with Mayors, City Managers, and Congress to ensure that the Department’s policies and programs are creating more economically competitive, environmentally sustainable, and socially inclusive communities. Prior to the appointment, Mirza was the New York Director of Public Housing, responsible for overall activities related to Public Housing Authorities and Local Housing Agencies with over 400,000 public housing units and/or vouchers and an annual budget of approximately $2 billion in Federal funds. In 1998, Mirza was appointed as a Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing to work on the development of the Enforcement and Grant Centers.

Mrs. Orriols has received numerous local and national awards that include several Secretarial awards, the Vice President’s National Performance Review Hammer Award and a Recognition Medal of Merit from the President of the United States. Most recently, she was honored as one of “HUD’s 50 Distinguished Employees and asked to speak on behalf of the 50 honorees during the Department’s HUD 50 Anniversary Closing ceremony. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Peter’s College and a Certificate from the Executive Education Program from the University of Maryland. Mirza and her husband, Freddie, are the proud parents of Melonie, Freddie Jr., Celina, Janelle, a soldier serving the Country in the US Army; E’lon, grandson Caleb and another grandson on the way.