HOLA ACTOR SPOTLIGHT | Rubén Roberto Gómez

Rubén Roberto Gómez has spent his entire adult life following his passions. A UCLA alumnus with a Masters in Spanish Literature but also fluent in Italian, he crooned his way through two albums followed by European and South American tours singing romantic ballads in Spanish in the 1980s and 1990s. Now, back to his roots in acting, he’s focusing on a career in TV and film. He is often mistaken for Middle Eastern thanks to his Turkish mother, but still able to appear and do voiceover with an Argentine or Spanish dialect courtesy of his Spanish grandfather. His ambiguous accent in English gives him the versatility of playing not only European or Middle Eastern roles, but South American as well. His love of acting began with a theatre career as a teenager in Buenos Aires where a well known director at the time, Marcelo Lavalle, encouraged him to come to the United States to pursue his dreams. The move turned out to be a fortuitous, life-changing suggestion where he not only found representation almost immediately, but later met and married his actress-wife, Lynne Alana Delaney, with whom he still resides in Los Angeles. They star in the feature film The Remake (written by Delaney, executive produced by Gómez and Delaney and co-starring Sally Kellerman and Larry King), which is currently hitting the feature film circuit. For more information, visit Ruben Roberto Gomez.