Rhina Valentin, host of Bronxnet Studios’ “Open” talk show, launches a new web series, Rhina Gets Lean (RGL), which chronicles her journey to get “fit”. The episodes will feature a different workout method every week as well as Rhina’s progress. Hoping to inspire new mothers and others alike, “Rhina Gets  Lean” shows healthy lifestyle choices for the everyday person.    

Rhina Gets Lean (RGL) is a unique program where Rhina Valentin is not only a working mother but a working professional who manages to make everything work without making it look effortless. It’s a real lifestyle change  and journey. People will relate to it and look at her as an inspiration.  “I never thought that juggling being a mom, a professional and sustaining a healthy lifestyle would be an easy task, but it is definitely a rewarding and fulfilling experience. 

Every week a see a constant change and improvement. I look forward to sharing my story and journey to the world,” says Valentin.  RGL is a web-series catering to the everyday mother, working women and even young women who will feel empowered and motivated to start their own journey in a healthier lifestyle!



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Taking the lead by example join me in  

“Rhina Gets Lean” a Bronx Strong Initiative!   

Reality Web series credits:

Production Manager: Marcelo Mendez

Produced, captured and Edited by Chris Figueroa

Creative Producer: Rhina Valentin

Exe Director Michael Max Knobbe


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“The Bronx has been in national news recently, and not for a good reason. Obesity rates are high and almost 25% of bronxites are in poor health.” Trying to step up to the challenge and turn these numbers around, BronxNet has started the Bronx strong campaign.



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