COLORS OF RHINA will showcase the range of Rhina Valentin’s talent and abilities with her vibrant, spicy and comedic personal style. Her new program also pays homage to her beloved home, New York. Bold and beautiful, COLORS OF RHINA is designed with you in mind!


Entertaining and uplifting, her new program on MNN will inspire, educate and celebrate the diverse multi-cultural, multi-ethnic makeup of this world class city. The program will reach audiences in the 4 our of the 5 boroughs as well as the NY metro and Tri-state area. Whether new to the city or here for generations, Rhina’s distinctive take on New York and everything it has to offer will keep you engaged.

Program air date: 2016

Duration: 30 min

Episodes Audience Reach (MNN): 625,000

Engaged Viewers based on Open Friday Show hosted by Rhina Valentin:

60% Women / 40% Male 45% Ages 25-54 English Speaking 94% Manhattan: 54% Bronx: 35% Bklyn, Qns SI: 11% Social Media Reach: Rhina Valentin’s social media combined with La Reina Del Barrio Inc. reaches over 50,000 fans. Of those fans, 38% are from FaceBook & 29% from Twitter.

The site has 201,142 visitors to date.


Jacqueline“Jackie”Acevedo-Villanueva | Executive Vice President / Director Cell: 917-640-1003

Jose “J.Spock” Vargas | Executive Assistant to LRDB C.E.O. Office: 646-707-0305


Colors Of Rhina (COR) is a production of La Reina Del Barrio Inc.


La Reina Del Barrio Inc. (LRDB) is an independent media production company. The production entity has spent the last decade releasing high quality entertainment through various mediums. The La Reina Del Barrio Inc. entity has released several projects through self finance as well as the use of Fortune 500 company corporate sponsors.